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About Us

    Diamonds are the majority of all jewels.

It is a shame few people know that there are so many kinds of gorgeous jewels in the world. 



    We, Bizoux, specialize in rare jewels. We fly all around the world to make sure we find jewels that truly satisfy our customers and of course, ourselves. Among thousands and thousands of tiny jewels, we keep searching for THE one. By doing the whole process by ourselves, we ensure high quality and a relatively low price. More over, by walking in our own shoes, we have much more chances to bump into fascinating jewels and falling in love with their absolute beauty. Jewel shopping is all about encountering, bumping in to the perfect piece. 



    The jewels are made into jewelry in a small, quiet atelier in Japan. Every single piece is handmade with delicate details by our experienced craftsmen. One specializes in rings, one specializes in craving names… We ask the best of best to highlight and maximize the sparkling jewels. Above all, our motto is to make jewelry that will be your love for life. Not just a piece, but THE piece. Not a lover, but more like family. Jewelry that will not end up in your top drawer, but jewelry that you will want to wear everyday, to work, to a date and for anniversaries. 



    Jewels are always graded by their perfection, but is that how you measure beauty? Jewels are one of the most precious products of nature. Yet few people realize the charm of not being perfect. Here at Bizoux, we only use real jewels for our products. We believe in the natural beauty. We believe even inclusions and scratches charm. They are not disadvantages, but appealing strength. That is what makes them beautiful, interesting and one of a kind, just like people.